Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TSA Makes the Friendly Skies Friendlier

By Cory Silverberg, Guide June 22, 2011 My BioHeadlinesForumRSS See More About:sex toystravel tips How often does the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), the folks responsible for millions of pat-downs, confiscated bottles of water, and non-random searchers, issue statements about sexual pleasure? Maybe never. Until now. At least so says a piece in the San Francisco Chronicle which cites a TSA spokesperson clarifying that sex toys (including apparently vibrators, whips, chains, leashes, and manacles) are perfectly fine to travel with, just so long as you are comfortable having your sex toy inspected. "Inspectors inspect...If you don't want us to see it, don't bring it." Nico Melendez is quoted as saying in the piece (which at times reads more like an advertisement for Good Vibrations than an article about traveling with sex toys). Still, it's nice to know that the TSA will respond with comments to questions about sexual devices brought on planes, and as sex toys become just another consumer product and our embarrassment about them diminishes, it's likely that more people will be traveling with their toys. Read more - If you pack a vibrator, don't get shaken by TSA" Tiny Nibbles - Violet Blue's Travel Advisory Related - Vibrators on an Airplane and Other Sex Toy Travel Tips Readers Respond - Best Way to Travel Discreetly with Your Sex Toys | Twitter | Newsletter Signup | Sexuality Forum | Comments (0)See All Posts Share Prev Comments No comments yet. Leave a Comment Must Reads What Is Sex? Sex How Tos All About Orgasms Sex Toys 101 Sex Positions Pictures

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