Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stella Van Gent

I think it is now time to tell you a little more about myself:

My name is Stella (for all those of you that might have overlooked this up until now…). I would describe myself as a tolerant, happy and open minded young woman. At the same time I am eccentric, moody and I like to dominate. Do not get me wrong, though, I am NOT a professional mistress. I love extravagant, feminine fashion. I probably differ from many other women in the respect that I love provocative clothing not only on the catwalk, in films or on photos, I also love to wear sexy clothes myself. High heels as well as leather, latex, nylon pantyhose and lingerie are my all time favorites. My love for fetish wear is not restricted to my home as I also like to wear my fetish clothes in public. My lifestyle allows me to show myself wearing provocative leather outfits in public. Some servile and generous men who know how to please a woman marvel at my extravagant appearance and they accompany and entertain me from time to time.

At this point I would like to tell you about some of the outfits I own: At present I own about 40 pairs of high heeled shoes and just as many boots. I absolutely love leather and I am particularly fond of boots. Most of all I like high heeled stilettos on boots (especially on over the knee boots). I think they crown the appearance of a gorgeous woman. Way too many females do not dare to wear sexy shoes. Maybe they are afraid of making a slutty impression.

I love the tingling feeling my appearance gives me when I walk around in my sexy outfits. This is true when I meet my friends as well as when I am in public.Yes, you have guessed correctly, I am probably the incarnation of a fetish exhibitionist!

Being an adorable “leather-lady ” gives me power over the men around me. I love seeing the reaction on the faces of of the men. I enjoy the glazed looks that stare upon my long nylon covered legs and I relish the helplessness and desire that makes the men slaves of their own innermost fetishes.

I have a dominant personality and some people call my lifestyle SM but I call it self-realization. Aesthetics mean a lot to me and I like well-dressed, well-built and intelligent people with good manners. I have been exercising my inclination openly for over 2 years now and this has paved the way for me to enjoy pure sensation when I employ my power. I am looking forward to more fulfillment in the future.

I hope that I can use this website to put back a shot of eroticism into your life. Many men today feel neglected by unimaginative and passionless women.

I would personally wish for more women to show their courage and desire because “she who ventures wins” so come on and …

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